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Intellectual property, media and commercial law

Our support for your creative and commercial projects – especially those with an international component – is organised around seven major areas of expertise:

  • Product and content development
  • Brand image and communication
  • Registration, management and exploitation of intellectual property rights
  • Analysis and control of operational risks
  • Contractual relationships with customers and service providers
  • Anti-counterfeiting, unfair competition and fraud
  • The transition to a green and socially inclusive economy

Klimis Law can also provide companies with in-house training and outsourced general counsel services.

Our client services, coordinated through our Paris-Brussels axis, are structured around two complementary practice areas that draw on a shared set of skills


Products, Branding and Retail

Klimis Law provides clients with full spectrum legal assistance in designing, launching, promoting, distributing and protecting their products in Europe.

Our expertise covers intellectual property matters and the contractual, regulatory and procedural issues specific to the sector, regardless of the type of marketing chain: traditional, alternative, or online.

Klimis Law has developed unique experience advising companies that specialise in private labels and can offer special assistance.

We also advise brands on any project with an environmental or socially inclusive dimension, from the moment the company is founded or as it adapts to meet new market expectations.

Practice areas:

  • Protection for concepts, creations, innovation and know-how
  • Non-disclosure, licensing and co-existence agreements
  • Manufacturing, cooperation and distribution agreements
  • Fair trade, green economy and sustainable development
  • Risk analysis for product launches and packaging
  • Brand image management and legal review of advertising campaigns
  • Terms and conditions, personal data
  • Online sales and consumer protection
  • Registration and strategic management of intellectual property rights
  • Developing and obtaining certifications/indications of quality or origin
  • Protection from counterfeiting, unfair competition and fraud

Art, Media and Technology

Klimis Law helps companies to develop, protect, produce, validate and market their products and content in the audiovisual, music, advertising, news, education, art and design sectors.

Our expertise covers all the intellectual property, regulatory, contractual, procedural and digital issues specific to each of these sectors.

In her role as agent, Olivia Klimis gives artists, performers and authors personalised support in developing their projects and protecting their work, especially by copyright, and represents them in negotiations with producers, publishers and investors.

Practice areas:

  • Protection and management of creations in the media, art and design sectors
  • Publishing, recording, production and agency agreements
  • Validation of creative projects and acquisition of rights
  • Audiovisual laws and regulations (cinema, television, digital)
  • Music law, especially electronic music
  • Advertising and media law
  • Image rights, e-reputation and personal data
  • Internet (digital platforms, applications, social media)
  • Protection from counterfeiting and unfair competition
  • Education (coaching, tutorials and conferences)
  • Video games, blockchain, artificial intelligence, 3D printing